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checkmark Finally lock down a reliable system for growing 5-Star Reviews

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checkmark Promote your 5-Star Reputation in a cool, attractive way on all social media platforms

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checkmark Promote your 5-Star Reputation in professional Hollywood-style video commercials

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checkmark Convert (up to 380%) more from your current traffic

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checkmark Build Brand trust and product virality on AUTOPILOT

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checkmark Get more Social Proof consistently and reliably

checkmark Spread the word about your Business

checkmark Long-term, compounding Word-Of-Mouth

checkmark Decreasing customer acquisition costs

checkmark And much more (read / watch this entire page) ...

This Reputation SuperSystem is designed for your business to win Google's Popularity Contest and firmly establish your company's POWER POSITIONING in your marketplace so that more of your perfect customers will find you, happily do business with you, stick with you for the long haul, and recommend you publicly.

If you want your prospects to know, like, and trust you before they ever even have a chance to buy from you, this is for you.

And if you want to be positioned as the premier company of choice in your market, perceived as the highest authority in your city, and become the most obvious choice among all the options in your industry and city, this is for you.

sought after person, company, or brand by your perfect target audience, this is for you.

This system will elevate your image, reputation, and overall position in your market so that you become naturally magnetic to your ideal customers.

We developed all the elements of this system specifically to be used together ...

…so the effects of one will simply enhance the effects of the others, therefore making them even more powerful all together.

There is no other COMPLETE reputation system like this on the market.

It is truly one-one-of-a-kind.

The RepLaunch SuperSystem can quickly give you an edge over 99% of your competition (even if they're bigger and currently more popular than you).

Here's how ...


RepLaunch Review Automation

The Crown Jewel ...The Holy Grail
...The Secret Sauce

As a business owner, I know you're familiar with the power of word-of-mouth.

Reviews are simply word-of-mouth amplified tenfold, hundredfold, thousandfold ...

Here's why ...

Let me just give you some stats that you're probably already intuitively familiar with:

In 2011, 70% of people trusted completely consumer opinions posted online.

That number has only grown here.

In 2017, it's 85% of people that trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Most of us read reviews.

Nine out of ten people read reviews for local businesses.

I know I do! I'm pretty sure you do, too.

And 97% of consumers aged 18 to 34 read these reviews to judge a business.

So it's very important.

Reputation should be the foundation, essentially, of every business.

Here is a big picture overview of our RepLaunch strategy.

I'll go into detail about each of these components below.

Essentially, use a sign in form as the engine of our Reputation Automation Machine.

What happens is once somebody signs in, your customers can sign themselves in on a tablet in the office or you or an employee can sign them in if they're out in the field.

Once signed in (name, phone number, email) they go onto a virtual clipboard, which you and your staff have access to.

If you're just collecting reviews, you're done! That's all you have to do, is have them sign in.

But you can use it as a waiting list and / or have them sign out later.

If a waiting list, for example if you're a restaurant or you have a doctor's office or something like that, you can actually, instead of using vibrating widgets or whatever they are, that signal to people that their table is ready, you can instead text the person straight from your clipboard.

It's amazing.

So you basically get permission up front to text them and then you can also send them marketing texts later.

Very powerful.

Now, you can get people into this list in other ways.

You can add single contacts or you can upload a list of customers.

But essentially what happens in the sign-in process is we set a delay after the service is completed or the product is purchased.

Three hours, or 24 hours, or whatever.

Then our system sends a Review Request campaign:

It sends an email and a text message.

(And if they don't respond to any of those, or they start to leave feedback, then stop, then they get an abandoned email campaign.)

What we do in these Review Request campaigns is we ask them to leave us feedback.

If they click the link in the email or text, they come into a feedback or survey page.

And once they leave that feedback, then we either send out a thank you email if it's good feedback, and if it's bad feedback, three, two, or one, we send an apology email.

Now, if it's positive feedback, then we ask them to go paste that feedback in a local directory; Google, in this case, but we also can provide other options.

So they just copy the positive things they just said to their clipboard with the click of a button and paste it on the site they choose.

What happens, then, is you get both internal feedback for your company and public feedback for your company.

We also have a built in promotion system where you can essentially run promotions that you can send out to your four and five star review people, because people who leave four and five star reviews are ready to buy again.

It's a great way to get repeat customers pretty quickly and effectively.

If they leave negative feedback, then they're redirected to another form, which is to send this to the manager.

Once they fill this out, instead of going into a public directory, it just simply goes to a thank you page or a place of your choice.

That way a manager can reach out to the customer who's disgruntled and talk to them.

So, this sign-in form is like the crown jewel of our Reputation system because it's the entry point for all the automation.

All you have to do is sign the person in.

It does not matter what industry you're in, or what business you have, you should be doing this.

It will change the game for you, I guarantee it.

Everything about the Sign-In form is customizable ...the image, the background, the colors, the fonts, everything like that.

RepLaunch.co Sign-In Form step 1

Instead of using a pen and paper and a clipboard that they sign in on, they just put in their phone, name, and email address.

RepLaunch.co Sign-In Form step 2

RepLaunch.co Sign-In Form step 3

And optionally, you can add any questions. So for instance, if you're a doctor's office or something, you have a question maybe about insurance.

You can put as many questions as you want about anything.

This is HIPAA compliant.

But you don't need to have these questions here. It could just be like sign up and they're in.

After the product or service is done, then we send emails and text messages.

When they click any of the links, they're taken to a Feedback Page that looks like this:

Rep Launch Feedback Form

(All these colors are customizable.)

They leave their name, email, phone number, and then they leave a star rating, and their feedback.

Positive feedback redirects them to something like this page:

Copy-Paste your feedback onto a public directory (desktop screenshot)

Copy-Paste your feedback onto a public directory (mobile screenshot)

And so they can just click "Copy" and then click "Google" or click whichever directory you want them to go to.

We can put a variety of options, like Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, etc.

I recommend Google and a maximum of two more.

So, they simply paste the review on Google.

Any and all of this text can be customized, of course.

If they leave negative feedback, like three, two, or one stars, they're taken to a page like this:

Negative Feedback capture page (desktop screenshot)

Negative Feedback capture page (mobile screenshot)

We try to find the reason(s) for their dissatisfaction so that we can resolve it.

What happened that was unsatisfactory? How can we do it better? And then send this to the manager.

Your Own Super Charged, Growth CRM - User Experience

Of course, you get your own login, where you can manage your contacts, communicate with them, manage reviews, and add your contacts.

Rep Launch CRM dashboard

Treat this as your own CRM that also lets you manage your reputation and run promotions.

This is unlimited, by the way. We're not going to raise the price based on the number of contacts you have or emails you send. It's all one low price.

  • You can manage all of your campaigns.
  • You have a Promotions area.
  • You have a message center where you can manage all of your messages.
  • You have access to the sign in form, which I just showed you, which is where you input the phone number, which is the entry point for all of this: the crown jewel.
  • There's a training center for your employees to be trained on reputation, which is very important. So, we will train your employees for you.

(We cover review-getting strategies for your employees in the Maximize Method Training, too.)

You also have access to:

  • the latest reputation reports,
  • your review / feedback page,
  • and the media center, which means you can design and print media that you can hand out, like business cards or flyers or anything that has a QR code for people to scan to go straight to either your feedback page or your Google review area. Very powerful stuff.

And of course, we cover these printable review-getting strategies in the members area.

You can do everything in here that a normal CRM does, and more!

Such as ...

Get Repeat Customers Easier Than Ever

To get repeat customers, use the promotions area often.

What you do is you create a promotional campaign and you're able to send it to only the customers who rated you five and four stars because they're primed and ready to buy.

You can create unlimited Promotion pages and campaigns with our simple point-and-click editor, plus use images that we already have available for you, or use your own.

We host these pages and manage the emails.

All you have to do is choose the page you want integrated with the email(s) you send.

Rep Launch Promo campaign building

Write your email and then insert the promo page you just made.

When people click, they're taken to that page that you just built.

Very powerful stuff for repeat customers, but it doesn't stop there.


Marketing & Promoting Your 5-Star Reputation

Your happy customers are your best marketing tool.

That's why we also promote your five star reputation to grow your authority, your power positioning, and your customer base.

Here's how that works:

We take all of your online reviews from every directory everywhere across the entire Internet, and we take all of the feedback reviews that you get privately from the sign in form, and they all go into the feedback or review inbox.

Then they go to 1) our traffic team.

Our traffic team creates banner ads for you that you can use to retarget people all across the Internet and get them back to your website.

(Running ads is a separate service.)

2) They also go to our content team.

We have a plugin that streams these reviews to your website.

The pop-up, or badge, appears in the lower left hand corner or the lower right corner.

We can also put your reviews anywhere on your site.

And it's dynamic, it's streaming, it's always updated with the latest reviews.

We can also put your videos or your banner ads in little pop ups like this on your website!

For instance, if you have a promotion or a discount or something that you want to display on your website, we can do that.

So it's really nice. It doesn't matter what page somebody lands on on your website, they're going to see your reviews.

We call this the:


Social Proof Pop!

This service is really the "secret sauce" when it comes to converting like crazy on your website.

We designed it to "piggy back" off all the constant new reviews you'll have coming in.

It's designed to do one thing and one thing only: Compound the power of every single review you get.

Here's how.

Showing 5-Star Reviews on your website increases conversions up to 270% for smaller priced items, and up to 380% for higher priced items and services.

We HARD CORE marketers have over 10 years of data backing this up.

When people come to your website, there's traditionally only a couple of places for them to find your 5-star reviews, right?

There's the Testimonials Page, which only 1 in 10 people ever visit.

And then maybe there are three or four testimonials somewhere lower on your home page, maybe in a slider, or their own section.

And that's why we created Social Proof Pops.

It's a badge that goes on every page of your website that dynamically streams your latest 5-Star Reviews.

Here's just some of how it increases phone calls, leads, and sales:

checkmark Wow Browsers with Eye-Popping Credibility. 100% Of All Visitors Will See Your Reviews because it adds your 5-Star Reviews to all your pages.

checkmark Position Yourself As a Market Leader: You have one shot to make a first impression, and 9 out of 10 people read reviews before contacting a business. Social Proof is the best way to show your expertise in the marketplace and stay ahead of your competition.

checkmark Call-To-Action On Every Website Page: Reduce the number of steps it takes to get them to contact you. When a visitor clicks on the Review Badge, it allows them to read the entire review with a "Click To Call" feature. In one click they can call you and go from a visitor to a customer.

checkmark Only Show 5-Star Verified Reviews: One of the reasons visitors won't contact you is they are looking for more information about your company, so they typically go to Google and other sites to read reviews. KEEP THEM on your website longer by showing them your 5-Star Reviews right on your website.

checkmark Always Up-To-Date, Streaming Real-Time Reviews. "72% Of Consumers Report They ONLY PAY ATTENTION To Reviews Written In The Last 30 Days," which is why we monitor every directory online to stream those latest reviews back to your site.

Social proof is crucial for building trust and credibility with your consumers and lowering barriers to sales.

I'm literally giving you the exact code for an immediate increase in website conversions, no matter what page of your site the visitor goes to.

This popup shows off your happy customers without being unpleasant or weird or pushy because nobody wants to do that.

Within the next 24 hours, you can prove you're popular. The secret is: you already are. So show it!

Show your visitors that their peers choose to do business with you ...AND LOVE IT!

But naturally we're not stopping there.

We also send all the online reviews we collect to our ...

4) Design team.

We turn your reviews into scroll-stopping images share them to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, photo sharing sites like Flickr, all of these places.

We call these:


Social Proof Pix!

Social Proof Pix is actually two products in one:

Build brand trust and product virality on AUTOPILOT.

You'll get your 5-Star Reviews turned into beautiful images and we schedule to post to your social media pages automatically.

You determine the schedule. Seven days a week? Two days a week?

After you buy this Done-For-You Package, you'll let us know your desired frequency and we'll set it up.

Here are just a few of the reasons that sharing these 5-Star Review Images on social media help position you as a Market Leader:

checkmark Attractive and Highly Engaging Images ...Which Makes People Stop Scrolling and Read

checkmark Easy To Read and Build Curiosity

checkmark Display Authority ...Social Icons (like Google & Facebook) Show People Exactly Where Each Review Came From & That It's Real

checkmark Custom Call To Action On Each Image ...That Can Even Be Adjusted & Scheduled Depending On The Season We're In or Any Specials/Promotions You Have Going On

checkmark Always Up-To-Date Reviews. "72% Of Consumers Report They ONLY PAY ATTENTION To Reviews Written In The Last 30 Days," which is why we have eyes everywhere to monitor and collect all the latest reviews.

checkmark And Much More ...

If you want your prospects to know, like, and trust you before they ever even have a chance to buy from you, this is another element that does exactly that.

Think about this for a minute.

All of the customers you will ever need are on social media.

They're not on your website; they're hanging out on social media.

Social Proof Pix simultaneously shows social proof AND differentiates you from your competitors because you're sharing visually appealing, engaging, and useful images.

Essentially what these do is position your company as a market leader by consistently marketing your five star reputation to everyone, on every possible channel.

Tip: how much more engagement do you think you would get if you put some sort of promotion, coupon or giveaway on each of your Social Proof Pix?

Speaking of engagement and differentiation brings me to the NEXT reputation promotion service, called ...


5-Star Review Video Commercials!

So you can probably tell that we've spent a lot of time developing this stuff

Truth is, we've spent years doing this stuff.

And the whole idea is to position your company as a market leader by marketing your five star reputation to everyone, making sure it's everywhere, seen everywhere.

Everything we do is about turning you into the industry leader.

So, basically anywhere and everywhere, and in every format that we can put your five star reviews, we want that to happen!

Because being at the top of the Maps is certainly more profitable, you might want to go beyond just being at the top of the Maps ...

...and be at the top of your industry, in your city/cities ...

...you might want to be untouchable.

...So far ahead that no competitor can catch up.

I'm glad you're of that mind because we'll help you do that!

So, we've combined reputation marketing with video marketing.

And what we've done here is to produce 60-second review commercials.

These are videos that promote your five star reputation.

You're going to love this one.

We have several professional spokesmodels.

And what happens is you send us a picture of your office or place of business or whatever background you want.

And we're going to green screen that in with one of our spokesmodels talking about your business, showcasing one of your five star reviews.

You can put this on your website.

But we also upload it to YouTube.

We share it to Facebook, Twitter, everywhere.

The videos are:

checkmark 100% original for you and uniquely produced for you,

checkmark hosted by professional spokesmodels,

checkmark shot in Hollywood style studios with primetime graphics and animation,

checkmark green screen, office background, or whatever background you want us to do this in front of for you.

And then there's an on location iPad view of your five star review.

So we'll have your five star review show up on the screen in an iPad so that it looks like somebody's actually reading it.

And there's a call to action close where we ask people to call you.

We optimize it to rank on Google because if people are searching your business on Google, you want this to show up.

And the more of these you have showing up, the better it's going to be.

It's a hedge against disbelief.

It's a hedge against having your potential customers go somewhere else.

These video commercials that showcase your five star reviews are very powerful.

And you know what?

Your competitors are not doing this.

We have sold these videos for $597 to $1,997 each in the past. And you're getting them now for practically nothing.

The cost of this RepLaunch SuperSystem is worth 10x the price of one of these videos alone.

But, of course we're not stopping there.


Managing & Monitoring Your Reputation

We wouldn't be doing good reputation if we weren't managing, monitoring and tracking everything, right?

You need to be able to measure this stuff.

That's the #1 rule in our agency: Advertising should never be an expense.

(And if you're paying for any type of marketing or promotion, let's just call it advertising.)

Advertising should always be profitable.

So we monitor all the top directories.

We send instant review alerts, so if somebody leaves a positive review, we send you an alert.

Somebody leaves you a negative review, we send you an alert.

We have detailed reputation reporting, monthly marketing analysis to help you continue to improve, and of course, your own client login portal.

But I'm still not done.

Let's keep stacking the value.

Here's what else you're getting:

Service #1: 5-Stars In Five Days

5-Stars in Five Days!

I'm including a training that shows you step-by-step how to get new 5-Star Reviews over the next five days by reaching out to your customers.

There's no fluff, no messing around, just a rock-solid framework we've used for years to reliably get 5-Star reviews for almost any product or service.

It's just point - click - copy - paste! And our system does the rest.

If you want, we can do it for you.

We use our tested and proven email and text message campaigns, customized exactly for your company, to request and get those reviews coming in fast and reliably.

Nothing grows your business like thousands of authentic reviews.

Every positive review is a chance to turn your already happy customers into your FREE marketing team.

Here's some of what's included:

checkmark Three-Day (or More) Email and Text Message Campaigns For Getting 5-Star Reviews On Demand

checkmark Negative Review Mitigation System That Directs Any Negative Feedback To The Manager, Instead of Online

checkmark Several Approaches for Requesting Reviews Without Sounding Salesy, Annoying, Or "Weird".

checkmark ...And Much, Much More!

Your amount of 5-Star reviews you have is in direct proportion to the amount of requests you make.

That means the more requests we make, the more we get. And this service gives you a proven system for getting 5-star reviews FAST.

Let's keep going, because you're also getting ...

Service #4: 1-Star Review Revenue

1-Star Review Revenue Strategy

Quick story:

My friend David and his wife were on vacation in Savannah, Georgia. They loved it and wanted to extend their stay to see more of the area.

So, his wife searched for hotels. When she found one, she handed him the phone and said, "We should stay here."

The first thing David saw was a 1-star review. Because he's in marketing, like I am, his response was pretty typical: "Holy cow ...did you see this negative review?"

You know what his wife said? "Yeah, I did. But did you read the response?"

So, David read the response, which went something like this:

"We're so sorry for the problem that you had. We tried to address it directly. Our commitment is to make sure you have a great 5-star experience with our company. And so we would like you to contact us directly so we can do something special for you because of the issue that you encountered."


After his wife read that she said, "We need to stay there because if anything goes wrong, they're going to take care of it."

So, what that hotel did is they took a 1-star review and flipped it into a 5-star response.

Let that sink in for just a moment: the negative review converted because of the response. David and his wife stayed at that hotel and brought in new revenue.

checkmark9 out of every 10 consumers read businesses' responses to reviews. So, if you don't have a response to a review, what do you look like to that consumer?

checkmarkNew customers are reading recent reviews and reading to see if you're socially responsible, seeing if you've responded to those reviews, both 5-star and 1-star.

checkmarkYou'll get the Formula to turn past and future negative reviews into compelling 5-Star responses that make your phone ring.

checkmarkDefends against every single negative review ...and can drive even more business to your door than you ever thought possible.

checkmarkAnd much more ...

Being socially responsible is key here because we're living in a Review Economy.

Your prospects are reading your reviews, and your responses to those reviews.

If you're not responding to your reviews, this is the perception they have of you:

1. you refuse to even thank your customers for leaving a 5-star review.

Or 2. you don't even care if a customer complains; you just let that review go and don't even respond to it.

So, engaging with your customers' reviews and applying our secret response formula can get your phone ringing with new business.

I'm including our Secret Formula Spreadsheet and a training video.

Use it for every public review, new or old, positive or negative.

Copy and Paste and you're done!

Takes 60 seconds.

For Just $99

Like I said ...there's no catch.

As soon as you order, and fill out the intake form, we get you set up right away.

What Would It Cost To Do It Yourself?

The Reputation Marketing Strategy looks like this:

  • Train And Follow Up With All Your Staff On Reputation
  • Develop A Reputation Strategy For You To Get Reviews Fast & Reliably
  • Build Your Reputation Consistently & Position You As The Market Leader
  • Monitor & Alert You On New Reviews Everyday
  • Customize Mobile App & Sign-In Form (The Engine of Review Automation)
  • Develop Professionally Designed Survey And Feedback Pages
  • Create Monthly Online Reputation & Feedback Analysis Reports
  • Design & Create Professional 5-Star Review Images With Daily Syndication
  • Produce & Syndicate “60-Second Review Commercials”
  • 24/7 Stream Your Reviews To Website, FB, Google Business, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Create A Custom Feedback CRM + Write & Setup Email Campaigns
  • Create Promotions To Get Customers Buying MORE EACH MONTH

If You Hired Someone To Do This, What Would It Cost You Per Month?

Typically, people that fill this position full time make at least $60-70,000 a year.

So, you’re looking at paying an employee around $5,000-$6,000 a month.

Would you rather do that

...and probably have to train them, then get everything set up ...

...and then have to deal with them quitting and taking their skills somewhere else ...

Or would you rather pay $99 / month?

Just $3.30 / day.

Normally, this will be $299/month + a setup fee of $497.

To get it for just $99/month, all we need from you is a Video testimonial within 30 days on your experience with the system.

Then, you're Grandfathered in at $99/month and $0 setup fee.

And for that price, you get EVERYTHING:

checkmarkYour reviews growing and promoted all over the internet…

checkmarkOn autopilot.

checkmark5-Star review videos every month ...

checkmarkSocial Proof Pix…

checkmarkStreaming 5-star reviews on your website…

checkmarkHigher conversions on your website, Google Maps, & other social media…

checkmarkYour reputation top-of-mind all over the place…

Just try it for 30 days so you can see what it’s like on the inside.

The thing I love most about Reputation and Word Of Mouth is that it has the power to bring in customers exponentially ...

Exponential Growth

Look at it this way:

$99/month is $3.30 a day for 30 days.

So, would you pay $3.30 a day for one new customer per day?

Would you pay $3.30 per day for two new customers per day?

Not $3.30 per customer, but $3.30 a day for two?

Would you pay $3.30 a day for ten new customers per day?

Would you pay $3.30 a day to get 20 new customers a day?

Would you pay $3.30 a day to get 100 new customers each day?

What we're going for here isn't linear growth.

This is what's so great about this whole package:

Top Maps ranking + Power Positioning = quadratic growth

This isn't linear, like advertising is, right?

What happens here with this exponential growth is, at a flat rate of $3.30 a day:

1 new customer = $3.30 to acquire

2 new customers = $1.65 each to acquire

10 new customers = $0.33 each to acquire

20 new customers = $0.17 each to acquire

100 new customers = $0.03 each to acquire

This is the power of the Google Business Profile.

It taps into the power of compounding because:

  1. People use Google Maps and Google Search to find local businesses more than any other platform.
  2. And, public reviews are simply word-of-mouth amplified.

When the word spreads, more people come!

One 5-star review could be worth ten new customers, or more!

You don't pay Google to show up in the Maps like you do with Google Ads.

You earn it.

You earn those top three spots on the Maps listings.



It's a popularity contest, and all you've got to do is win it.

That's the great thing about establishing a popular, well-loved brand: your efforts compound over time.

That's why this RepLaunch SuperSystem automation that you're learning about right now is unique on the market.

Nobody else does this.

I designed it this way on purpose because I know what works.

After eight years of working with local businesses, I know what works.

It's not just about Maps.

And it's not just about your 5-Star Reputation.

It's both working in harmony.

This is how you "dominate" in your city, in your market, in your industry.


Don't believe me.
Believe the business owners whose lives have ALREADY changed by my methods...

I Know You'll Love this System (Guaranteed)

My promise to you ...You’ll love this system. Seriously, if you don’t love it I'll refund your payment and let you keep the Social Proof Pix, the 60-Second Review Commercial, and another 30 days of the Social Proof Pop anyway.

That’s right, you don’t have to give anything back or delete anything. Just click the link in your email receipt and we’ll take care of the rest.

Fair enough?

For Just $99/Month

As soon as you order, and fill out the intake form, we get you set up right away.

HOWEVER ...this offer is limited.

If you don't take this one-time low price today, you might never see it this low again.

So act on this now before it goes away!

Listen - you really ARE getting all of this for just NINETY NINE DOLLARS.

HOWEVER ...this price will INCREASE soon.

So claim this offer now!


Our "Caviar Commitment" To You

We take full responsibility for your success with our Done-For-You services.

If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we will make sure to go above and beyond your expectations to make it right, or we will give you a refund.

We commit to serving you in a way that no marketing company has ever served you before.

We serve caviar while everyone else is serving cheese and crackers.

If you've had any experiences with marketing agencies in the past, you're probably used to "cheese and crackers."

Experience the Drew Doggett difference: try our caviar.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed badge


Yes, the system is bargain discounted, but only for a limited time.

Here’s the deal- Yes, It’s true, all you need to pay is $99 and give us a video testimonial of your experience with RepLaunch in the first 30 days, and get grandfathered in at the super low price of $99/month. The kicker? We only have a limited time left in this campaign. So if you want this system for just $3.30/day, claim your spot now before they’re all gone...

Btw, I know you’ll love the system and how it helps to grow your business, and I back that with my guarantee (scroll up to see it).

Drew Doggett


PS - In cases you are like me and skip to the bottom of long pages, here's the scoop.

I am going to give you FULL access to RepLaunch.co: "The SuperSystem That Will Help You Build A Hugely Popular Business, Compound Your Growth via Amplified Word-Of-Mouth, and Get Higher Google Maps Rankings."

Yes, the $499 setup fee is waived and the normal price of $299/month is discounted to $99/month in exchange for a video testimonial of your experience in the first 30 days.

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