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  • #1.) Our processes and strategies for transforming your Google Maps listing into a revenue engine.

  • #2.) Our "Trust-Based" methods for increasing both your Google Maps and Website rankings, which leads directly to more revenue and 5-star reviews.

  • #3.) How to automate your 5-star reviews with no additional work from you or your staff, ensuring a steady flow of reviews that will leave your local competitors in the dust.

  • #4.) How to MAXIMIZE your rankings, reviews, and revenue permanently.

  • #5.) Deceptively simple tactics that can be used as force-multipliers for your listings.




No tricks - no "trial" or anything
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This breakthrough action plan reveals a time tested way to make any Google My Business listing GROW YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

The Google Maps Maximize Method is a step-by-step action plan that will arm you with everything you need to increase your Rankings, Revenue, and Reviews using Google My Business.

You can expect to see results in 2-4 weeks if you follow everything I show in the Method.

I've been doing this for over six years, and have helped hundreds of local businesses increase their revenue. I've never met a GMB listing I couldn't improve.

This is my knowledge delivered in simple, actionable, and easy to follow steps, that can get you results fast.

For each step, I provide conditional if-then statements and examples, so you always know what to do without any confusion.

If you get stuck or need help, reach out to support!

This is a much faster process than ranking your website ...you don't have to wait months or spend thousands of dollars for it to work.

PLUS, leads from Google Maps are shown to be 245% more valuable than leads from your company website.

The Google My Business channel is more profitable than Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and sometimes even SEO.

So get your lifetime access to this always up-to-date Maximize Method and Maximize your Revenue!




This stage alone can give you a sizeable edge over competition.

  • There's a new area in your Google My Business listing that is very powerful for getting more people to interact with your business LIVE!

    Because it's new, not many people are using it yet.

    By activating it right now and using it correctly, you will increase the Interaction on your listing, which increases your visibility ...which increases your customers.

  • ADD THIS NOW!  One thing most businesses never bothered to put on their listing, and don't even know they can add it!

    You can do this 20-minute process today to immediately give your listing an edge over (probably) ALL of your competition!

    It's also very helpful for your potential customers and helps to convert prospects to visitors.

  • Optional, but effective: If you have a website, you should do this ASAP.

    I'll give you a simple code you can paste into your website that helps ALL Search Engines read your site better.

    Just fill in the blanks, copy the code, and paste it where I show you.

  • Your photos matter big time ...and this simple process encodes your photos so that Google sees and understands them more clearly...

    ...resulting in a bump in visibility and an increase in reach and relevance.

    This will be your new favorite process for all new photos you upload.  You can do it as much as you want for more benefit!

  • ALL of the hidden levers you can pull in your GMB Business Info to fully optimize it and stand apart from your competition IMMEDIATELY.

    This is basic, yet most of your competitors don't even go this far ...and this is just Stage 1!

  • Copy and paste this exact little code (nothing to fill in) and add it in two places to your Business Info section.

    If you're tracking your results from this entire process (which I show you how to do), you'll be able to see how many people click to your website from your listing.




This reveals how to build a maximum amount of Trust with Google as quickly as possible.

  • Breakthrough tactic for gaining TRUST with Google.  When Google trusts you, they rank you.

    Very few businesses do this, and I think it's around 3000 times easier (and faster) than the "normal" methods everyone else does.

    You'll get a crystal clear understanding of this in Stage 2.

    You only need to do this tactic once to see tremendous short term and long term results on your Maps listing(s).

  • An advanced, yet incredibly simple, strategy that you can use in the next week to safely and effectively tell Google to trust your business even more.

    You can do this several times per year if you want.




Master this stage and you'll get more customers with and without Google.

  • The simple reason why having fewer reviews than your competition is OK, and you can still outrank them.

  • In today's review economy, the one thing you can do to dramatically enhance your reputation that NONE of your competition are doing.

    This will bring in customers from outside of GMB, too!

  • Exact steps - including exactly what to say - to follow-up with customers and ask them for a review.

    This can be automated!

  • How to throw a curve ball at a customer who wants to leave a 3-star, 2-star, or 1-star review, and prevent them from leaving it!

    Get their feedback (instead of a bad review), correct the situation, and get a great review from the person who was about to leave a bad one!




More interactions, more visibility, more customers ...how to maximize your listing's Interaction Rate.

  • This final stage reveals tactics that will help you resolve this catch-22: How to get more people interacting with your Maps listing so you can get more customers.

    Google's own patent and engineers plainly state that the more interaction a listing has, the higher it deserves to be ranked.

    This goes for your Maps listing and your website in the search results!

  • The one thing you can do IMMEDIATELY to increase your local footprint (the search radius around your business location) without spending any money.

  • Do you post blogs or tidbits of information on your website?

    You can (and should) also post on your GMB listing.

    Learn why posting information on your website is less effective than posting on your GMB listing.

  • Maybe you feel like you don't have anything to write about?

    No problem!

    You'll get a formula for posting helpful, relevant information that provides value to your customers and prospects.

    You won't be stuck anymore on what to write!

  • Types of posts to use.

  • The exact frequency for your posts.

  • Exactly what time to publish your GMB posts.

  • How To Get Rid Of Your Enemies!

    A simple step to expose fake local business listings, kick them out of Google Maps, and reduce the competition for visibility.




Use this (carefully) and see a spike in phone calls and foot traffic.

  • The Interaction Hyperdrive strategy is deceptively simple, but it works.  You'll have an "Aha!" moment when you understand this.

  • Avoid the temptation to use this strategy for the wrong reasons.  Stay focused on what matters (revenue).

  • How to ethically game Google's algorithm to signal that your business is popular, forcing Google to bump you up.

  • When to use this powerful strategy and how it fits into the G-Maps Maximize Method.

  • The exact, easy process to follow, even if you're scared of technology and don't know a thing about "algorithms" or even how Google works.  (Most of it is just clicking the right buttons and checking boxes.)

  • Forget needing an expensive service to pull this off.  You can do this for free and in about 15 minutes.

  • An overlooked "in plain sight" secret of the world's most powerful search engine - and how you can use Google's patent for your own personal gain.

  • How businesses benefit big time from trending news articles written about them - and how you can mimic it for your own personal gain, without having an article written and published about your business or paying for anything.

  • The dangers of using this strategy in other ways and what not to do (to avoid hurting your business).

  • And more!


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