Short for represent.

A command that provokes someone to make a symbol or sign identifying their gang affiliation.

Man wearing bling flashing a sign


Wrong rep.

What I meant was:

noun Informal.


the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally...

especially : status in a group

Ya know:

    • Word of mouth
    • Unprompted recommendations
    • 5-star reviews
    • Brand awareness
    • The best in town
    • The obvious choice
    • "ohmygod you have to see this, try this, taste this, watch this ..."

That sorta thing.

Nothing new, right?

Businesses, big and small, have been relying on it, forever.

Hell, it's older than your momma's momma.

And it's a two-way street.

We rely on it to make informed decisions about our entertainment:

(rotten tomatoes)

the products we purchase:


the restaurants we eat at:


and the businesses we choose:

(Home Advisor, Angies, Google, etc.)

And some of the most successful brands in the world have it built into their culture.

From Apple to Google to Uber:

App rating request in the App Store

On down to mom-and-pop shops.

But who cares?

Well, you should:

    • 97% of consumers read online reviews to find a local business.
    • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (🤯 people trust strangers almost as much as good friends)
    • 89% of customers look at reviews before making a buying decision (I sure do)
    • 87% of customers comparison shop every purchase (you know you do)


Positive vs negative reviews

For instance, check this out:

According to Harvard Business School, a one-star increase in a business' rating can increase business revenue by up to 9%.

For perspective, if Speedy's Tacos in Sunnyvale had a 3-star Yelp rating last year and an annual revenue of $1m...

...and this year they boosted that up to 4-stars...

...that's an extra $90,000 in annual revenue.


Just one little star.

How much would you have to spend in advertising to get that much additional revenue?

And let's not forget about the nearly 2/3 of people who are turned off by too many negative reviews.

So then, like how many of your advertising dollars are wasted because of an average or poor star rating?

Let's also not forget, your prospects and clients are always reading reviews.

Online reviews are the new word of mouth ...

...word of mouth amplified by thousands.

Clearly, a business' reputation is either an asset or a liability.

So why not get in on the action?

Wet your beak a little?

Adam Facebook testimonial 1

Here's how.

There are three ways, actually.


You could send out emails and text messages to each [customer] a few hours after their service is complete.

As in:

"We really value your opinion as a [customer]."

"It would mean a lot to me and our staff to get feedback on your experience.  It is a huge help and really makes a difference!"

"Will you please share your feedback on our internal company feedback page?"

"At our staff meetings we share the reviews and feedback we get from valued [customers] like you."

It's an easy ask while the experience is still fresh on their minds.

For example:

Every customer understands reading reviews ...

And making an informed decision on a business (or product).

But not every customer thinks their opinion matters to others that much.

So this is a great way to ask for the review ...

Show them they're valuable ...

(i.e. "We use your feedback to improve")

And trigger an innate desire:

To be helpful to others.

Then redirect them from your internal company feedback page to choose a local directory ...

Where they can copy / paste the feedback they just wrote ...

(if it's 4- or 5-stars)

And reinforce the idea of helping their community when they post it publicly.

I have case studies for this ...

And you'll be astounded at how well it works.

Case study: feedback requests campaigns


It's an easy task to print up some flyers or rack cards with a QR code or a link to your company feedback page.

Keep these next to your checkout and give one to each customer as they leave.

Or hand one to them when you leave their house.

For example, the card might say:

"Your opinion could change the world! (…or at least our impact)"

"Your insights are incredibly valuable and will help us make sure we serve you and other amazing customers well in the future."

"Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion. It makes such a difference in how we show up and serve others!"

"How did we do? Tell us how you really feel right here:"

"Did you like my service? Lemme know."


You could create an entire sign-in strategy around this simple request:

"Will you sign in, please?"

So like, check this out.

I already done the research and here's what I noticed:

A, a crap-load of potential.

(And where there's potential, there's money to be made.)

Strategy conversion stats

And B, Positive Peeps:

Study showing people are more likely to leave positive reviews than negative reviews

So, is it just me ...

Or could you set up a Sign-In form on a tablet or mobile phone ...

(That replaces a clipboard ...)

(Plus can serve as a Waiting List ...)

That automatically sends out emails and texts after the service is completed ...

At the times of your choosing ...

And have peeps ...who are satisfied customers ...writing you 5-star reviews?

All day ...every day?

Just one problem.

Isn't there?

You don't know dick about reputation automation.

Do ya?

Like, how to monitor all the sites people can leave reviews on ...

So that you always know what people are saying about your business.

And how to get alerts when new reviews, good or bad, are published anywhere online.

How about setting up a page to get internal feedback?

That automatically redirects happy feedback to Google or Yelp?

And that redirects sad feedback to a "how can we make it right" page?

Or how to upload logos, fonts, graphics, etc. for the printed stuff you hand out?

And, wait.

Where do ya even begin with the Sign-In strategy?

Like the automation or notifications or wait list or whatever?

And how do you track everything to ensure it's working?

And what about writing the emails and texts?

Oh, and a central database to manage all customers and reviews?

It's great to build this bulletproof rep ...

That grows predictably by the day ...

But how do you max out your exposure so everyone sees it?

Like showing your 5-star reviews from all around the web on every page of your website ...

So your visitors see the massive social proof straight away?

(Wave buh-bye to Testimonial pages.)


Or creating beautiful images with your customers' reviews on them ...

And scheduling them on all your social media ...

Weeks or months in advance?


Oh, and 5-star review videos?

Produced and scheduled like clockwork?



I mean ...

You'd need to do all this dirt cheap to get that proven raise in revenue and still enjoy plump profits ...

(Without forking it over to another me-too marketing agency!)

Wouldn't you?

And, on second thought:

If any idiot can go and implement a reputation marketing strategy, why do you bother?

Aren't you doing fine enough?

Aren't [your competitors / the other categories] just going to stay one step (or star) ahead of you anyway?


Forget I said anything.

I don't want ya spending the rest of the day crying on the couch.

I'm kidding.

Mike Tyson "thilly gooth"

That's the whole point of this letter.

I'm serious.

Say I found a system that does everything I just described (and more).

And say I was willing to share the whole system ...

All the secrets, strategies, and tactics ...

All the automation ...with YOU ...

And set you up with total, unrestricted access ...

So that in a few, simple, sunny days ...

You'll have an automated system ...

That'll take you from zero hero no time.

Would you be interested?

If so, crack a cold one ...'n' cue the confetti cannon ...

Cuz it's. About. To go. Down.


Raise The Rep!

The #1 Reputation Marketing system in existence.

Where, upon plugging in, you'll get:

1) Training Center to train and follow up with all your staff on reputation.

2) Automation to build your reputation & position you as the market leader.

3) Daily monitoring & alerting for new reviews.

4) A customized Sign-In Form to get new reviews automatically, build your email list, and use as a virtual clipboard.

5) Waiting List & Notification dashboard.

6) Professionally designed Survey and Feedback pages.

7) Detailed monthly Online Reputation & Feedback reports.

8) Professionally designed Review Images for daily syndication.

9) Professionally produced & syndicated 30-second "Review Commercials"

10) Daily posting of your reviews to your website, blog, Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, & Twitter.

11) Custom Feedback CRM to manage all your customers, online reviews, and internal feedback.

12) Custom email and SMS campaigns written and set up.

13) Promotions Center to create new Promo Pages and Promo Emails to get customers buying more each month.

14) Retargeting to capture 100% of all your website visitors in order to market your reputation to them all over the internet.

15) Print center to order customized printed materials.

16) Strategies and training on additional best practices for these powerful tools.

And everything in between!

And again:

No previous experience necessary.

Heck, no knowledge necessary.

We do 90%+ of the work to get your Reputation Automation humming.

You just fill out a form ...

Connect your social media accounts to our system ...

Approve (or tweak) the custom emails and SMS outreach we craft for you ...

And keep doing your thing.

Then sit back and marvel as your reviews grow systematically, surpassing your competitors.

Or, hell, don't sit back ...

Expand to a whole new city because of it.

Either way, reputation's basically another revenue stream you can tap into, immediately, once you plug in.

In fact ...

It's also an asset you're building:

Review marketing is more powerful than referral marketing because it's an asset

And that's probably the most important benefit.

It keeps that revenue flowing, sure.

But it's an asset that creates revenue and profit independent of all marketing or advertising costs.

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy of Preeminence.

And, within a couple months of "Raise The Rep!" believe me, you'll be the local crown Prince/Princess of Preeminence.

BTW ...



the fact of surpassing all others; superiority.

So if you have new 5-star reviews dropping all day, e'rr day ...

Who's gonna be the big kahuna in town?


Or the dude down the street whose reviews are wishing they had a face lift right about now.

And who doesn't have his customers' glowing reviews plastered all over the internet?

(This isn't a trick question.)

Don't believe me?

Check out Premier Carpet Cleaning.

They get multiple 5-star reviews daily.


They've bought out most of the other carpet cleaning companies in Colorado Springs.

They've had to buy new vans, new equipment, hire new people, and move into a new office.

Of course order to get these reviews?

They do a great job.

Which I'm sure you do, too.

(You wouldn'tve read this far if you didn't, amiright?)

So there's no reason why you too shouldn't be getting multiple daily 5-star reviews.

On autopilot.

Without lifting a finger.

So your preeminence grows while you sleep or play with your kids.

In fact ...

Here's what Christina, our first beta tester, had to say:



What's it gonna cost?


Here it is:

$499 setup fee.

(Waived if you give us a video testimonial in the first 30 days.)

$649 for a year.

Of, if you want to do monthly:

$59 X 12.

That gets you all the core features.

It's the most affordable, all-inclusive reputation system on the planet.

Go ahead and look around; I'll wait.

If you find anything cheaper, it's not as powerful as RTR.

If you find anything as powerful ...

(Good luck ...)

It's hundreds or thousands of dollars more.

So why are we so inexpensive?

And will quality suffer because of it?

Good questions.

Here's the deets:

No, quality doesn't suffer.

Because we are a world-class team of seasoned marketers who actually care more about our clients than our bottom line.

On that note:

The low cost is because we choose to be a little different.

We operate like a co-op, sharing the costs of marketing.

Instead of one company being the center.

Which means: everything.


  • bullet 1
  • bullet 2

Plus, you'll get all the cool updates we're currently working on.

And remember:

You've got a friend in me.


And who's to say you won't dominate your city for the next 5, 10... 20 years?

I mean...

Why wouldn't you?

Ya know?

So all's I'm sayin' is...

For a yearly fee of $649...

Or a monthly fee of $59...

At less than $2/day...

Your return should be exponential, assuming you take action.

Will you?

"Yes, Drew, I promise:

  • I'm ready to invest in my company's reputation.
  • I wanna grow my reputation, authority, trust, buzzworthiness.
  • I wanna beat the tar out of my competition.
  • I wanna be the obvious choice of [industry] in [ifsoDKI type="geo" show="city"]
  • I'm ready for this to be automated.
  • 'N' I can't wait to get my first 5-star review without me or my staff lifting a finger!"

If all of that's true, I'd love to see you inside "Raise The Rep!"

But don't sleep on this.

As soon as we get more verified testimonials, we're upping the price.

Act now before the price goes up...

*After you pay securely, you'll be redirected to our onboarding form.

** I'm not sayin' a soaring 5-star rep will make you start reppin' for real, but I'm not sayin' it won't: